Hidden Hollow Horse Rescue, Idaho

Veterans find peace with unwanted horses

Hidden Hollow Horse Rescue, Inc. was created to rescue, rehabilitate and provide lifetime sanctuary for neglected, abused and unwanted horses. They offer bonding experiences and therapeutic horseback riding in a peaceful setting, free to military veterans, to promote mindfulness and personal growth. Emmett provides a wonderful location for this adventure, because of all the natural area available for equine activity. A new program located in Emmett, Hidden Hollow gives veterans the opportunity to find peace by learning to communicate with horses. A small team of dedicated members feel honored to be a part of this endeavor. Their natural horsemanship instructor, Tawnya Towler, has been instrumental in helping create the program and in training their horses to participate in it. Veterans get to work with her directly to learn groundwork and riding techniques, and she leads groups on trail rides. Click here to read full story…


Lexi was donated when her owner could no longer keep her.

Macy Gray

Macy Gray is a quarter horse nicknamed “marshmallow.”  She has arthritis, a cataract, and tumors at a young age, but she is a sweet, kind pasture mate for the other rescues and loves to visit humans and brighten their day.