Where Horses & Veterans Find Solace
Teaching Veterans

How to truly connect and interact with horses.


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Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate, and provide lifetime sanctuary for neglected, abused, and unwanted horses.

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Where Horses & Veterans Find Solace

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Our Mission

Hidden Hollow Horse Sanctuary was founded by Alex and Eric Kincaid to provide lifetime sanctuary for unwanted horses and to bring them together with military veterans for experiences that benefit both horse and human. The organization offers training in natural horsemanship, in a peaceful setting, free to military veterans, to promote mindfulness and personal growth.

Ours is the story of bringing together two passions:  veterans and horses. Shortly after the Kincaids decided to create a lifetime sanctuary for unwanted horses, a Marine told them about his quest for peace after serving in combat. He found what he sought one day while riding a horse on a mountain ridge. Looking down on either side at steep drop-offs, this veteran experienced mindfulness – living in the present moment while trusting the horse. Mindfulness is what we seek to achieve in our own interactions with these magnificent animals, and what we hope others will experience as they learn to communicate with, trust, and gain the reciprocal trust of, the horse.